On Social Media And Creativity

My friend Gini Dietrich had a post on Spin Sucks about creativity in public relations yesterday. She raises a great point about how creativity is a fantastic thing; but if we don’t pay attention to the basics (i.e. making sure there’s an actual news value to what PR’s send to the media) we’re doomed to fail. The same thing holds true for social media.

The most creative tweet, post, blog, picture, or video will mean absolutely nothing if it’s just “pretty”. Content has to MEAN something, it has to draw customers to interact with you; and potentially entice them to buy something from you. After all, we aren’t doing this all for the likes, right? If you ARE doing this for the likes, you may need to re-evaluate your business plan.

Pay attention to what your customers are interested in. Pop culture headlines, political headlines, the news in general, are great places to start. We’ve talked about online listening before, and it still holds true. Match up what you are talking about with what your audience wants to hear, and you’ll experience growth. Be creative about what you’re posting, but keep it relevant.

Image: Sean MacEntee via Flickr CC 2.0