Four Facebook Facts for Optimizing Connections with Your Customers

Building effective relationships with your customers (and future customers) through social media channels won’t happen overnight. It takes time.

But data (and some good common sense) show that you can do better than an unplanned, shotgun approach to finding and friending your regular customers.

Three of these tips will work just as well for experienced social media practioners as they do for newbies.

So, read on…

I’ll begin with the common sense tip that trumps all others.

1. Start today.

If you don’t have a Facebook brand page, you’re missing opportunities to connect with people who are already your fans in real life (IRL). And you’re missing an opportunity to reach the friends of your customers you’ve never done business with.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, get going.

2. Haiku. Not novella.

When you post on Facebook, keep it short.

Recent changes really took the lid off of the old status update character limit. You’ve got 63,206 characters to get your point across. But you don’t need to use them, even though Nokia did.

A study released by Buddy Media shows that posts of 80 characters or fewer receive 27% more engagement.

3. Faces focus.

The new Timeline format for brand pages has changed everything.

Visitors to your brand page will look at your cover photo first and longest.

Be sure to include faces in your cover photo. It’s Facebook, after all.

A study by EyeTrackShop for Mashable shows that cover photos with faces in them get way more attention than those without…even if they’re Muppets.

4. If you’ve only got one day, use it.

Business people are busy. You may not have time to reach out daily to your followers. (You’ll see a difference in your stats, if you do.)

So, if you can only update your status one day each week, make it a Thursday. Awareness, Inc. reports that more interactions per day happen on Thursday. And engagement is what you want.

When do you get the most interactions from your Facebook updates?


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