#BucketList: 10 Things To Do Before I Die

My good friend Gini Dietrich recently posted her bucket list; 10 things she wants to do before she dies. She was inspired by another post from Jayme Soulati (which you can find in that article). We here at KimberMedia thought this might be an entertaining series to pick up for each of us, what are 10 things we’d like to do before the end of our lives. The rules are simple. 10 things you want to do. They can be professional, personal, silly, fun, unattainable; it doesn’t matter. You can learn a lot about people through these kinds of lists. So, let the armchair psychology begin in the comment section after you read my Top 10 List:

  1. Moonlight Graham - Remember him from Field of Dreams? He got to play one half inning in the major leagues, but never got to face a pitcher. My dream from when I was a kid was to play 3rd base for the Chicago Cubs. It remains my dream job (I’m not kidding). I want to play one inning in the major leagues and get to take an at bat.
  2. Big Dreams – This one isn’t necessarily about me, but I want to live long enough to see my daughter (she’s still unborn as of this writing, though that could change) achieve everything she dreams of doing. If that’s college, her career, starting a family, starting her own business; whatever. I want to see my daughter succeed.
  3. Hawaii – We visited Hawaii last summer, and it was the most relaxing week of my life. I would love to own a little house whose backyard is the beach. I will sell mai tai’s on this beach, and that will be my job.
  4. Attend SXSW – Clearly, this is the most attainable of these goals so far. I seem to say every year that NEXT year is the one I attend. Gotta change that.
  5. Make My Own Work Schedule - Let me be clear about this one. I don’t dream of owning my own business. Mainly because I don’t want to deal with the actual RUNNING of the business. I do want enough responsibility, and freedom, to set my own hours of work, be able to do the majority of those from my home, and take as much time off as I want (without taking advantage, of course).
  6. Collaborate - I have a list of people in mind that I want to collaborate on a project with. This list is quite long, because I’m fortunate enough to know many awesome people.
  7. Visit Every MLB Stadium – Again, this one speaks for itself and is a pretty attainable goal, I think. This and #5 definitely go hand-in-hand.
  8. Win A Silver Anvil – A Silver Anvil is like the Academy Awards of the public relations industry. I want one.
  9. Own My Home – My wife and I DO own our home, but we make payments to the bank. I don’t want to pay anyone for my home. I want to own it. I’m way to practical for my own good.
  10. See The Cubs Win The World Series – This is where everyone laughs. Except me when I see what Theo Epstien is building on the North Side of Chicago. Trust me Cardinals fans, I’ll be the one laughing last. #GoCubsGo

Image: Pascal via Flickr CC 2.0