#Tuesday Tips – Kim Trabue – aCar App Drives Useful Vehicle Data

I admit it. I am a nerd – a big nerd who not only loves her car, but also loves to track data and observe any trends or anomalies.

For my entire adult life I have kept auto fill-up records and tracked $/gal and MPG for every tank of gas put in my vehicle. Of course, I don’t still have the volumes of notebooks dating back to my first gas guzzler, but here’s the record of the first tankfuls put in my current vehicle.

Thank goodness an app developer (Armond Avanes) seems to understand my obsession with tracking this information.

aCar is just the ticket I needed to dump the spiral notebook and neatly keep all this data in tidy electronic format. All I need now is my smartphone.

This Android application is an “all-in-one” tracker for fuel usage, maintenance, repairs, and trip logs. The FREE version suits most needs. It can display charts with statistics for minimums, maximums, and averages for multiple time periods. A big change in gas mileage can be an alert to engine concerns.

I’m not the only one who appreciates this geeky data-driven app. It’s the favorite car maintenance app for Car Talk listeners, and Android Tapp calls it “extremely useful if you are willing to input the necessary information.”

Go ahead; download and set-up this budget enlightening application. You’ll see exactly how many miles are driven, how many gallons are used, and how many dollars are spent each month for your vehicle(s).

You may be surprised; your intuition may be validated; or you may just get a nerdy satisfaction out of having the data in good order like I do.

Kim Trabue believes that balancing work and home and service is the key to modern life. Striking that balance is a challenge, but like a three-legged stool we need all of the parts to be complete. Kim loves to organize and develop management plans and processes. She is dedicated to her family and to making a difference for good every day.